What is psoriasis?

Afflicting people of all ages, psoriasis usually first appears in early adulthood. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory medical condition that most commonly involves skin cells growing too quickly. The excessive skin cell growth leads to psoriasis lesions. The lesions have three characteristic features: scaling, thickening and inflammation (redness).


Psoriasis is caused by a range of genetic factors. If you have a predisposition to psoriasis, it can be triggered by bacterial infection, inflammation, psychological stress, certain drugs, alcohol and over-exposure to the sun.

Learn more about psoriasis

If you want to understand psoriasis better and learn more about how to live with the condition, visit QualityCare™ for psoriasis. Here you can also read about psoriasis myths and facts.

Psoriasis clinical trials for children

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  • Psoriasis vulgaris on the body (trial number LP0053-1004)

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